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COMING SOON: Vancomycin AUC/MIC Dosing!!

The DRAH Vancomycin Dosing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring policy has been updated to include AUC/MIC dosing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring recommendations based on recently published guidelines. The tentative go-live date for the updated policy is AUGUST 2021

CustomID pages (e.g. vancomycin) will be updated with new information in early July! 

Have questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine?

View our EUA COVID-19 vaccine page for helpful information and links to DUHS resources

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DUHS COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Visit the DUHS COVID-19 Dashboard to stay informed on COVID-19 metrics including current inpatient census, positive testing rate, and overall DUHS COVID-19 trends. 

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DUHS Tests for 2020-2021 Winter Respiratory Viral Season

Curious which respiratory viral test to order or how long it will take to come back?? Click below for detailed guidance from the DUHS Clinical Microbiolog Laboratory. 

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COVID-19 Clinical Trials at DRAH

Does your patient qualify for a COVID-19 Clinical Trial? 

Active DUHS clinical trials and open clinical trials at DRAH are summarized here!  

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What to Choose?? Treatment guidance for the Emergency Department

Decisions about antibiotics in the ED can be hard. We've developed some new ED specific tools to help!

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Concerned about COVID-19?

The COVID-19 intranet page will serve as a single hub of information related to COVID-19 preparedness and response.

DUHS guideline for therapeutic management can be found here!

ASET related COVID-19 therapeutic updates can be found here

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Know how to identify and manage possible MEASLES cases in your area? We have a toolkit for that. 

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Is Your Patient Penicillin Allergic?

Did you know that the true incidence of penicillin hypersensitivity amongst patients in the United States is <1%?

Did you know that a patient with a reported pencillin allergy has been correlated to higher costs, increased risk of antibiotic resistance, and worse patient outcomes? 

Take Action! Careful evaluation of antimicrobial allergy and prior tolerance history is essential to providing optimal treatment - follow the link to learn more! 

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Improve antibiotic prescribing by incorporating these four moments:

    1. Does this patient have an infection that requires antibiotics?  
    2. Have I ordered appropriate cultures before starting antibiotics?
    3. A day or more has passed. Can I stop antibiotics? Can I narrow therapy? Can I change from IV to PO?
    4. What duration of antibiotic therapy is needed for this patient's diagnosis? 


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Do You Know Your Antibiotic Duration?

What is the BEST duration to effectively treat and minimize unintended consequences of antibiotics?? 

View our Targeted Antibiotic Duration document for guidance for appropriate durations of therapy for common disease states

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Rapid Diagnostic at DRAH Rapidly Detects Pathogens in Blood

Rapid diagnostic technology at DRAH can identify 27 molecular targets including common causative pathogens (eg, MRSA, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans) and 3 resistance genes (eg, MecA, KPC) within 1 hour of a positive gram stain from a patient blood sample!

To learn more about the technology and DRAH empiric treatment recommendations based on results, follow the link below!

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Welcome to Duke Raleigh CustomID®

Duke CustomID® is a decision support tool intended to provide clinicians with institution-specific, accessible, easily customizable information about the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Duke users with a NetID have full access while online with the Duke Health network. Remote access requires a secure connection via citrix.duke.edu or VPN. Learn more here.

Helpful tip: CustomID® is a web app viewable from most internet browsers, desktop or mobile. Save time by creating a browser bookmark or a shortcut to your desktop/mobile device. For desktop, click the icon on the left side of the address bar and drag to your desktop. For your mobile device, follow phone guidance to add shortcut to your home screen or create a browser bookmark.


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