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CustomID® was conceived in 2002, a joint vision by Martha Adams and Richard Drew who recognized the value of mobile devices and the delivery of clinical decision support at the point of care. Together they led the creation of “CustomID®”, a digital framework for institution-specific information for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Beyond Duke Health, CustomID is offered to other health systems by CCDS, Inc (Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc).

Further background

With the help of a development team – adding Allen Coleman from DHTS and Ken Kawamoto while a candidate for MD-PhD degree in biomedical engineering – CustomID® launched in 2003 within Duke University Hospital.

An enhanced version was introduced in August 2015. Today CustomID® merges with the hospital-wide antimicrobial stewardship program, a mission to improve patient safety and quality of care, and to reduce drug resistance and cost. In 2018 CustomID® deployed to Duke Raleigh Hospital and, in 2020, to Duke Regional Hospital.

New "Hub and Spoke" functionality

Developers of the latest affiliate version, Duke Regional Hospital, have demonstrated an effective "hub and spoke" functionality for new policy development. This means new policies developed by the central team can be "pushed" to the affiliate hospital for acceptance, editing, or rejection accordingly.

CustomID®, in its newest version, acknowledges the following contributors:
Martha Adams, MA, MD
Deverick Anderson, MD, MPH
Allen Coleman
Richard Drew, PharmD, MS
Tanmay Gokhale, candidate for MD-PhD in biomedical engineering
Ken Kawamoto, MD, PhD
Rebekah Moehring, MD, MPH
Christina Sarubbi, PharmD
Susan Zhang

Duke Institute for Health Innovation, Program Director, Suresh Balu
Duke University Health System – William J. Fulkerson, MD, Executive VP, and Thomas Owens, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Duke Office of Licensing & Venture - Alan Herosian, Director of Corporate Alliances and Development